Jock Gets Some Of His Own Medicine

Two Men Enjoy Mother Nature To The Fullest
Drawn Behind Curtains
White Hot Beach
Bears Play On A Tropical Beach
He Vents His Frustration On His Male Coworker

It had been a long night and I was exhausted. Even so, I had had a hard on all day long that I was hoping to get polished off this evening. My thoughts of having some romantic time with my wife were dashed when I saw that not only was my son home, but also his jock friend David. There was a relationship that I just didn’t understand. My son Mark was a little bit of a nerd, and David was the consummate jock, the big man on campus. Even worse, then I remembered that my wife wasn’t going to be home tonight. She was going out with a few of her girlfriends from work. Damn. My cock was still hard from rubbing it all the way home and thinking about what I was going to do to her once I got there.

Now it looked like I was going to end up with a quick dinner and a glass of wine in front of the TV tonight. I unlocked the front door to an empty living room. The lights were on throughout the house, but I didn’t see the boys anywhere. I heard some noise coming from the back of the house, it sounded like it was coming from my sons’ bedroom. It wasn’t the kind of sounds I expected to hear when two 18 year old boys were alone. I heard a voice, a commanding, threatening voice, but I couldn’t make out the words. Something seemed wrong and I hurried towards Mark’s bedroom as quietly as I could.

“… you to shut up bitch!”

From the sounds of the bed bumping the wall, and David’s words, I had a pretty good idea what was going on. I opened the door to the sight of two naked and sweating bodies. David’s body was jerking in orgasm as he was apparently unloading his come in my sons’ ass. As soon as the little bastard recovered, he noticed me and started to scramble off the bed. It was then that I jumped on top of him, forcing him stomach down on to the bed. My hand grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into the mattress. My son looked scared and relieved at the same time. David was a tough little jock but he was no match for a man of my size, and he squirmed frantically beneath me.

In a calm voice I coaxed Mark to tell me what was going on. David had been forcing him to have sex with him. Now the strange relationship made sense. And I was pissed. I started yelling at David, pushing his body harder against the mattress. Mark was afraid. He had rarely ever seen me lose my temper before and he didn’t know what I was going to do to David. He asked me to let David go home. “Take off my belt Mark.” David struggled against me but I kept him pinned.

“But Dad…..” Take off my belt, I told him. “I’m going to teach little David here a lesson, and I can’t hold him down and take off my belt at the same time.”

Mark reached around and unhooked my belt, pulling it through the loops until it was off. I was going to beat the shit out of David right then and there, but then I looked at my naked son, and the come that was dripping out of his ass. It occurred to me that if I beat up David, not only might I get put in jail, but the abuse of my son wouldn’t stop. I had an idea. I gave Mark directions to go get a few things while I held David down. David yelled and screamed when he figured out what I was going to do, but the screams were muffled because I kept his faced pinned to the mattress. By the time that Mark returned with the camera and the lubricant, I had already forced David’s legs apart and positioned myself between them.

My son pulled off my shoes, my pants and my underwear. David felt the heat of my body on his naked skin and he began thrashing wildly. It took a few minutes for him to tire out. Since I needed both my hands to hold David, Mark had to grease my cock up. He squeezed a generous amount of lube into his hands and reached between me and David. Mark stroked me up and down with both hands, even playing with my balls a little bit. My hips moved slightly with the movement of his hands.

He took his time, seeming to enjoy playing with my cock. “That’s good, now guide me in to his little asshole” Mark thrashed around some more when my wet cock touched his ass, but he was just too exhausted. Pinned against the bed as he was, he had no where to go once I started pushing my cock into his ass.

He was t-i-g-h-t. It was obvious he was only used to giving and he had never received. All the better. I was going to give this little bastard a taste of his own medicine and get my rocks off at the same time. It took me a good few minutes to work my cock slowly in and out until I could get most of my cock in his ass. And then I had to grab the tops of his shoulders and pull him towards me to get that last inch in. “Alright, you little fucker. I’m going to give you a little bit of what you’ve been giving Mark.” With that I started to ride him.

When I shoved my cock in, I shoved it in hard, making him grunt with each thrust. He was so tight that I had to pause every few thrusts, getting my cock used to the idea of holding my come in for a while. I was going to give him a nice long fuck. After a few minutes I pulled him up to his hands and knees. All the while Mark was taking pictures of David getting fucked up the ass. “Smile for the camera” I told him. I wanted to get some photos that showed him having a good time. The fight had gone completely out of him.

After we exhausted the roll and put in another, I had Mark hand me the camera. I pulled David back against me, towards the end of the bed. That way Mark could get on the front of the bed. I took some good pictures of David’s mouth stuffed full of Mark’s cock. After we got enough photos, we pounded him hard from both ends. I saw my sons face start to redden. I put my hand on David’s neck, “You’d better swallow all of his come you little shit,” I told him, “I don’t want to see you miss one little drop.” And he didn’t.

David sucked Mark’s cock until he went soft and pulled out. So I flipped David over. I put his legs under my elbows and pulled him up so that his ass was even more exposed, this time I looked him right in the face while I slowly pushed my cock back into him. I rode him slow, making him feel every inch while my face was just an inch away from his. He tried to look away but I made him look my in the eyes while I rode him. I wanted this little bastard to know that he was mine. I felt that tingle for a few more minutes and I knew it was going to be a big load. I waited until the last moment to pull out and jerked my cock off, dropping wads of come all over his cock and balls. I was marking my property.

We all rested a little bit but I didn’t let David move. My come dried where I had left it. A little while later Mark climbed on top of David and shoved his cock up his ass too. There was a lot of pent up emotion in his eyes and he hammered David’s ass as hard as he could. I thought David might have enjoyed the fucking I gave him, but I heard him whimper more than once while Mark was pounding him. This time when I saw two naked bodies fucking, it was Mark’s body that was jerking in orgasm as he unleashed a load into David’s ass.

The whole scene gave me another hard on and I shoved my cock into David’s mouth. Grabbing both sides of his head, I fucked his face hard. He choked and gagged, and when his face started to redden I pulled my cock out, giving him a chance to breath. I rubbed my cock all over his face. I made the little bastard lick my balls before I shoved my cock down his throat again. “Suck me hard bitch” I told him, as I started to feel the tingle in my balls. When I came, I shot straight down his throat. Oh well, next time he’ll get to taste my come.

I made David dress without cleaning up. He was going to drive home reeking of dried come. Before he walked out the door I grabbed him, I pulled him close to my face. “Things are going to be different from now on,” I said, waving a few of the photos in front of his face. “I’m keeping these photos in a safe place. Whenever either of us calls you, you’re going to come over and take it up the ass. You understand me?”

“Yes sir,” David said meekly.

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