Two Guys, One Leather Strap

He Has Fun In A Cottage
Jock Gets Some Of His Own Medicine
White Hot Beach
Straight Guys Continue Male Sex
Doctor Love

Brent wasn’t bothered by the games Derrick sometimes played but lately things had been getting out of hand. Derrick had come home two months ago from his History in Lit class after reading about Marquis De Sade with the idea set in his mind for a little bit of different fun. It took Derrick another month to actually convince Brent to go along with him.

“Brent, look no harm just gonna tie you up for a bit.” Soon changed to, “If you beg again you’ll get another pop from the strap.”

Now Brent likes a good, healthy spanking from time to time but when he has trouble sitting through a whole lecture in class the next day there might be a problem. Another catch-22 of Derrick’s whole control game was Brent had been the bottom for a month now. A month’s not long, right? Well it sure as hell seems long when Derrick is on him 2 or 3 times a day. One night after sex Brent had asked Derrick to let him top next time and all that resulted in was an answer from the strap. When Brent flat out refused to wear the vibrating, remote controlled butt plug that Derrick brought home, his only sexual release for a week was his own right hand.

“Jesus, Brent are you alright?” The short, brunette girl with the Nosferatu shirt asked her tall friend as he carefully sat in the chair next to her.

“Yep never better, Jeannie.”

“Derrick?” Jeannie questioned.

“Oh, he’s a pain in my ass as usual.” Brent smiled pushing his shoulder length black hair away from his face.

“I know it’s none of my business but I think it’s about time you turn the tables on this little game of Derrick’s. Give him some of his own medicine.” She turned back to pay attention the lecture leaving Brent with his thoughts.

‘I actually think she has the right idea. It’s about time you let Derrick know how it’s going to be from now on.’


When Derrick came home that night he turned the overhead light on in the living room and found Brent sitting naked on the couch.

“Come here, Derrick.” Brent smiled wickedly seeing the gleam in his lover’s eyes as the blonde made his way to the couch.

“What have we got here?” Derrick purred straddling Brent’s lap.

“We’re gonna play my way tonight, got it? Now get down, I want you to suck my cock.”

“Is that an order?” Derrick asked reaching between them to take hold of Brent’s cock.

“Yes.” Brent moaned as his lover continued to stroke him.

“Very well.” Derrick smiled, kissed Brent quickly before moving to kneel between his legs. He slowly licked up and down his shaft before taking the head in his mouth, flicking his tongue and tasting his lover’s precum.

Brent wove his fingers through the blonde’s locks as Derrick lowered his mouth full on his cock then started bobbing his head slowly.

“Faster.” Brent commanded, as he started raising his hips to meet Derrick’s mouth. He moaned as he felt his lover’s throat tighten around him.

“Yes, that’s it. Oh, yes here it comes.” Brent panted as he came, shooting his load down the other man’s willing throat.

As Derrick released his cock and noisily licked his lips, Brent patted his head.

“Good boy, now get up we’re not done yet. Strip.”

Derrick stood obediently and started undressing himself never losing eye contact with Brent.

Brent watched Derrick divulge himself of every bit of clothing, standing completely naked and rock hard in front of him.

“Don’t touch yourself.” Brent barked as Derrick’s hand slid down his abdomen and reached for his cock.

Brent stood and took him by the arm, leading them to the bedroom.

“Get on the bed, on your stomach.” Brent smiled as Derrick submissively obeyed. This was starting to be fun, no wonder Derrick hadn’t let him be in control before. He straddled Derrick’s back as he locked his arms into the restraints on the bedpost. He nibbled along his backbone until he arrived at his ass where he raised his hand and brought it down hard on the blonde’s bottom causing him to yelp.

“Oh, you’ve been very naughty this last month haven’t you? I think you went a little power crazy. But now I’ve turned it around haven’t I?” He locked the restraints around Derrick’s ankles and got off the bed to get a better look at his handiwork; Derrick spread out on the bed, his pale ass with the bright red hand print looking ever so inviting.

Walking to the dresser Brent removed the leather strap from the top drawer. He went back to the bed and sat down, running the strap down Derrick’s body.

“You’re very quiet. Don’t you want to play?” He whispered into the blonde’s ear.

“No, no I do, I do. Just waiting for you.” Derrick panted.

“Waiting for you what?” Brent questioned bringing the strap down with a pop against his captives ass, causing a howl of pain to tear from Derrick’s throat.

“Fuck! Master, waiting on you Master!”

“Good, now tell me what you’ve done to deserve this punishment.” The demand was followed by another crack of the strap.

‘Jesus this is fucking hot.’ Brent thought to himself, looking at his lover tied up, flame red marks across the soft skin of his white ass. He had to restrain himself from plunging his hard cock into Derrick and fucking him for all it’s worth.

“I was bad, so bad. I didn’t know my place. Thought I could control you.”


“What?” Brent swore he’d seen a smile creep across Derrick’s mouth.

“Master, thought I could control you Master.”


“You like this don’t you? Tell me what else you like besides me beating that delicious ass of yours red.”

“You know what I like.”


Derrick was teasing, he knew exactly what he was doing.

“I like, I love that hard cock of yours and I want you to quit playing and pound it into me so hard I won’t be able to sit down tomorrow.”


“Don’t worry you won’t be able to sit tomorrow.” Brent straddled Derrick’s hips and slipped his cock between his asscheeks teased his puckered hole then withdrew causing Derrick to groan in protest.

“Brent please!”

“Don’t beg.” Brent ordered slapping his ass with his bare hand this time.

“Tell me more.” Brent said as he moved to remove Derrick’s ankle restraints.

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and fuck me right now.”

As soon as his legs were free Derrick drew them under himself, thrusting his ass towards Brent.

“Do it now.” He growled.

Without any hesitation, Brent pushed himself into Derrick’s unlubed asshole, moaning loudly as his cock was enveloped in raw, tight heat.

“Fuck!” Derrick cried out, fist balled at the pain of the unprepared intrusion.

Brent slapped his ass hard as he continued thrusting into Derrick.

“What’s wrong? You can dish it out but can’t take it, eh? Well you are gonna take it, every inch and like it.”

Derrick bucked his hips and moaned.

“Yes, master, fuck me harder.”

Teasingly Brent slowed his pace, concentrating on his cock sliding slowly in and out of Derrick’s ass.

“Please, please Master, take my cock.” Derrick mewled as Brent again sped up his thrusts.

Forgetting all context of torture he’d prepared for Derrick, just wanting to get them both off, Brent reached around the blonde’s body and forcefully started pumping his cock as he felt his own orgasm starting.

Simultaneous moans escaped both men as they reached their completions together.

Brent reached up to unfasten Derrick as he lay heavily on his back.

“You liked that didn’t you? Me in control, you loved it.” Brent said as he pulled out of his lover.

Rolling over onto his back, Derrick let a satiated grin spread across his face.

“Oh, yeah I loved it. I was just wondering what the hell took you so long to actually take control.”