He Has Fun In A Cottage

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White Hot Beach
He Gets To Know Intriguing Neighbour
A Guy Gets Some More Action After Work
Doctor Love

I’m 26, 5’8″ with short brown hair and blue eyes. I’d like to think I’m good looking, and people have often told me so, so I guess I should believe them. I live with my girlfriend, and I do love her to bits, but sometime you can’t help yourself, and on several occasions I’ve found myself doing something I shouldn’t!

I got into cottaging a few years back, and have had some eventful meetings, including some full-on sex, but it was only recently that the perfect guy came on the scene.

There’s a cottage not to far from me which I often frequent on my way back from work. Usually, there’s not a lot going on there, and if there is, is usually some old timer and a middle-aged walking beer-belly. However, one day, I’d parked up outside and hadn’t got out of the car when I noticed this hot looking stud walking down the road towards me. He glanced my way and went straight into the loos. I was about to go and join him, when another bloke (beer belly) followed him. Dammit!

I waited a couple of minutes, and neither of them came out, so I decided to risk it and go in. This toilet has only one cubicle and a long steel urinal which accomodates about three people. The stud was standing there, with Beer belly in the cubicle. I stood next to the young guy and did the usual ‘look out of corner of eye’ routine. He was biting. In fact he was slowly wanking too! He was painfully good looking and I couldn’t believe my luck. He was about six feet, with short blond hair and shining blue eyes. I wanted him all to myself – Shame about the other guy, who by now was emerging from the cubicle and hovering, clearly interested. Throwing caution to the wind, I reached over to the stud’s dick and was very pleasantly surprised. He was huge! A good nine inches, and by this time, I was willing ‘beer belly’ to go away. He didn’t of course, so eventually stud suggested a threesome in the cubicle. We all trooped in and automatically, ‘beer belly’ and me set about getting the stud as hard as possible. I bent down and quickly took him in my mouth, his thick shaft almost making me gag but I ignored that and started to suck him off while ‘belly’ wanked the guy into my mouth.

Whilst I sucked, I reached up and lifted the stud’s sweater to find and smooth, muscled chest. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. The guy’s huge tool slick and bulging in my mouth. Finally, he came, but he turned away and jetted his thick cream onto the wall and the floor with a subdued groan of pleasure.

I think he might have been a bit embarressed, because he quickly zipped up and left. I felt a bit let down, and wasn’t too interested in ‘belly’ so I left as well, thinking that was that.

A week later, I went back to the same place, and lo and behold, there was the gorgeous stud again, and this time he was alone. I stood beside him at the urinal and pulled out my already stiffening eight inches. He was hard in seconds and he guided me into the cubicle. As soon as the door was shut, I leaned in and kissed his neck, wanting to grab his hardness, but wanting also to make this last as long as possible. My fingers went to the zip of his fleece and pulled it down, brushing the tip of his cock at the bottom. Then my hands and lips were on his chest: so well toned and hairless. I ran my tongue around his nipples and listened to his gasps and felt his hands on the back of my head. I moved down and left my mouth work around his cock, licking his balls and shaft, while my hands grasped at his arse-cheeks. Then I took him in my mouth.

He was huge! I could feel the veins pressing against my tongue as I worked up and down his 9″ dick. He started to face-fuck me and I took him deeper, his shaved balls slapping against my chin. Then, even with me sucking him, he managed to reach down and grab my swollen cock. It was so sensitive that I knew the slightest touch would send me over the edge.

I was right. I didn’t want to come yet, but I was past the point of having a say in the matter, and I sprayed onto the cubicle floor with a moan of ecstacy. I was spent for a few minutes and merely watched him wank himself for a few minutes, helping him with my hands.

He moaned ‘I’m gonna cum!’, and he did, massively. I wish I’d been quicker. I would have loved to taste his hot juice as it ran down my throat. But sadly, the floor bore the brunt of his man-milk.

I know not a great deal actually happened, but this is a true story, and I would really love to see him again to take things a bit further.

Perhaps tonight?