Drawn Behind Curtains

Two Men Enjoy Mother Nature To The Fullest
Outrageous Cum Sucker
He Gets To Know Intriguing Neighbour
A Guy Gets Some More Action After Work
Straight Guys Continue Male Sex

Joel had a bouquet of roses and was on his way to see his girlfriend Annie. He was in a happy mood. Joel knocked on the door. It was a pleasant day with a bright blue sky, and you could smell flowers and fresh cut grass.

Annie opened the door, “Good morning!”

Joel stepped in the door, “Here this is for you!” He gave the bouquet of roses to Annie.

“For me?” she practically squealed. She took the roses and put them in a vase on the coffee table. It was before work so she was still wearing a sexy short nightie exposing her ass cheeks and some butt crack. It was sheer white with pink lace. She lifted the front as she came up to hug Joel. She rubbed her clit on Joel’s leg as they hugged. Joel put one hand around her back and pressed her boobs to his chest. His other hand traveled up her side on the smooth material teasing the side of her boob, and let his hand travel back down to her soft ass pulling her closer pressing her body to his as she gently humped her clit on him. She reached around and grabbed his ass pulling him tightly against her. They kissed and hugged. Joel kissed her neck and could feel her getting hot. He smelled her sexy perfume. He licked her neck and ear and felt her shudder.

Joel said, “Hmm you smell good.”

Annie replied, “For you.”

As they hugged they kind of waltzed toward the couch. Annie liked romance and sexual games. She was a lot of fun. Joel saw a picture of her son on the end table. He was 18 with long hair and effeminate. Annie had mentioned him before that she knew he smoked marijuana. Annie loved teasing and to be teased and loved sexual games. Joel started unfastening her nightie in the back. She didn’t know what he was going to do next but anything he wanted was alright with her.

Joel said, “You are warm.”

She just kissed his ear.

Joel slowly slid her nightie down, massaging her back and rubbing the sides of her chest teasing her breasts from the lower sides very lightly. He let his hands drift down her back with the nightie until they came to the band of her panties and let her nightie drop. While holding her chest to his with one hand his other slipped into her panties and started feeling her soft ass, cheeks and crack. His hand reached her crotch and while one finger started teasing the opening of her vagina the ridge of his hand felt the heat of her asshole.

He teased her vagina opening until his finger made a squishing sound with her wetness. Joel sat her down on the couch facing him and brought her face to his crotch which she started kissing.

Annie unfastened his pants and drew them down all the while kissing his cock through the clothes.

Joel sees a slight movement behind the curtains to the adjoining dining room. He pretends not to notice but suspects it is her voyeur son. He is tempted to tease.

Joel said, “Let’s pretend you have never sucked a cock and let me teach you on the finesse of it and how to get maximum enjoyment.”

Annie loved sexual games, “Ok, what do I do?”

“Kiss my cock through my underwear all the way down between the balls and mouth both balls and then slowly kiss it back up to the top pushing the precum up the cum vein. You can say hmm to let me know how much you love it. That’s it. Now pull the band of my underwear out and let the cock head out. Taste and lick the precum off of it and lick the cock head.”

“Hmm that was good.” Annie said. She continued licking and sucked the head teasing the pee hole with the tip of her tongue digging for more precum.

“That’s good,” said Joel. “Now pull my underwear down and lick my cock all around and up and down my cum vein. Taste the velvety cum vein like you are trying to taste all the cum that might be in it. Lick all the way down and taste the skin as it goes between my balls. Lick and taste my balls. Go ahead and suck them.”

“Hmm you taste good. I love the lovely taste of your cum vein, and the wonderful taste of your cock skin as it changes to your balls.” She licked so far down and back that Joel had to spread his legs a little. He hunched up and she licked his asshole feeling both ass cheeks on both edges of her tongue. “So sexy,” she said. She licked and sucked the balls until she had licked all around his scrotum, perineum, and his entire crotch.

“Now suck my cock but don’t let your teeth scrape it. I want you to enjoy the taste of my cock. Take the head at the back of your throat, try to take it down your throat, see how far you can do it. Do you like it?”

Annie said, “I love your cock I could suck your cock all day.”

“Lick the helmet and around the flare. Tease it with your tongue and take it all the way in. Suck it so hard it pulls your cheeks in, now as you pull out let the suction pull your lips way out. That’s it. Now, when you take it all the way in again, see how far your stretched lips will go down the cock. With my cock at your throat lick my balls.”

Joel started face fucking her, slowly at first and then faster and harder.

Annie reached around and held both of his ass cheeks. She felt him clinch his cheeks when he stopped pumping and held her head. She could feel his cock expand in her mouth. Suddenly she felt a gush of cum shoot into her throat and as he pulled out slightly some splashed on the roof of her mouth and some trailed on her tongue. When his cock stopped jerking, she used her tongue to wipe the cum all around his cock head, savoring the bleachy salty taste of it and feeling the slick texture. She got a thrill of the taste.

“Now I want you to swallow it and feel it slide down your throat. Tell me how much you liked it. Did you dream all night last night of sucking my cock and balls, swallowing my gourmet cum, and licking my asshole? Tell me how much you love my cum.”

Annie slowly swallowed his thick creamy load. She had to swallow several times to make it go down. Smacking her lips she said, “I love your cum. Why didn’t you tell me how good it is? I could eat your cum every day. It is a reward for the pleasure of sucking your cock and balls. Even your asshole was great tasting tickling my tongue.”

From behind the curtains, her voyeur son Jimmy was remembering the tacky sound of Joel’s finger at Annie’s Vaginal opening. He was turned on at how Joel let his hands travel up and down Annie’s sides and into her panties. He visualized how he saw the hands groping her ass. He had heard Annie admit to dreaming of sucking Joel’s cock and balls and swallowing his tasty cum. Jimmy could almost taste it himself. He was reality shocked when he heard Annie say she licked Joel’s asshole and liked it. Jimmy had seen her licking between his balls and way back and now he wondered just how the tip of her tongue reached the asshole. Involuntarily he realized he had stuck his tongue out with the tip curled upward to a tip. He reasoned if she liked it then it must be good.

Annie was still sitting and Joel turned around. With dominance he said, “Now lick my entire ass one cheek at a time and up and down the crack. Tongue bathe my asshole.”

Entirely into the game, Annie licked every bit of his ass, under the bottom of the ass cheeks, the insides of his crack, and his asshole. She could tell the taste of the different parts of his ass skin and loved it.

Annie had to get ready for work so they kissed good bye and Joel went home.

That night Jimmy had very clear and colorful dreams of sucking Joel’s cock and balls, smelling his musky sex, tasting and swallowing the cum. He dreamed of having the cum all through his mouth and feeling it slide down his throat. He dreamed of the cum splattering in the back of his mouth and of his tongue sliding the cum all around the cock head. He dreamed of licking Joel’s asshole and his entire ass. He visualized himself in place of Annie, licking the ass crack, and tasting the cum vein. In his dream he had a realistic taste of cum in his mouth and of the asshole on the tip of his tongue.

The next morning when Joel came over Annie was wearing colorful print sheer cotton panties. She answered the door with just the panties on and no bra. If anyone would have been coming down the public sidewalk she would have been an exhibitionist. Joel kissed and sucked her tits in the doorway, and cupped his hand on her pussy.

Annie pumped her pussy on his hand, “Hmm that feels good.”

Joel teased her clit and let his fingers travel her pussy crack all the way back to her asshole, pushing on it through her panties. He let his finger travel back up the sides of her vulva lightly teasing up one side then down the other crossing at the perineum. He let his finger travel lightly up her pussy lips up one side and down the other and back up to the clit playing it back and forth and in a circle. He said, “I am going to teach you something else today, and I want you to pretend you have never heard of it before in all innocence.”

Gleefully, Annie said, “Okay, tell me what to do.”

Joel glanced over and confirmed there was a slight motion and a form behind the curtains again.

Moving toward the couch with Annie, Joel was fondling her breasts and teasing her nipples. He tweaked her nipples, bent over and licked them catching them between his teeth and then licking both boobs and then licking up to her neck and around to behind her ears. He traced her ears with the tip of his tongue, while his left hand fondled her boob. Joel’s other hand glided down her back to her panties, and he felt of her softness through the panties tracing the band down the side of her leg to her crotch. He drew his finger back and forth across the vaginal opening and then back to her engorging lips.

He lifted the band of her panties over the top of her ass crack, but then traced his finger down the crack over her panties, and then up the side of her ass cheek, teasing.

Playing the game he said, “You have never had anal sex have you?”

“No,” she said truthfully.

“Would you like to feel my cock up your ass?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Do you dream of taking my cock up your ass?”

“Yes,” she said.

Joel said, “Would you like to feel my cockhead on your asshole? Do you dream of my precum sliding around on your asshole?”

“Oh yes, it is a beautiful dream. I can almost feel it now.”

Teasingly, Joel started to slide her panties down partially exposing her ass crack. He started playing with her ass crack.

They kissed and hugged. He felt of her tits some more while she humped her clit on his leg. She grabbed his ass.

Sliding her panties down some more he played with and fondled her entire ass, squeezing her cheeks close enough to her asshole he could feel the heat from her asshole. He let his finger travel to the edge of her pussy and teased it for a minute. Pushing her panties down some more he let them drop to her ankles exposing her ass and the whole scene toward the curtains. Joel took a picture of her spread ass.

Joel bent her over the end arm of the couch and removed her panties from her ankles so her legs could spread. He positioned a couch pillow under her face and chin which allowed her to arch her back more. He spread her knees using the corner of the couch to hold one in place and the armrest cushion to hold the other. He took another picture. Joel took a small bottle of olive oil from his pocket and used some to massage her back and her ass. He rubbed some in little circles at the top of her ass crack and let some drip down her crack as he massaged it in.

Some of the olive oil went over her asshole and he gently massaged the outside of her anal ring with it and let a drip bubble on the tiny opening. Reaching into his pocket again he took out a small tube of anal lube, before taking his clothes off. Showing his ass cheeks toward the curtain, he then positioned such that from the curtains one could see Annie’s ass. As he massaged her ass some more he pulled both cheeks out so that her asshole opened up, again visible toward the curtains.

Joel applied some lube to her asshole, and then massaged it in until his finger sank in, and he applied some more lube until his finger slowly sank all the way in. He slowly worked his finger in and out, until well lubed and he could easily pump his finger in and out. “How does that feel?”

Annie replied, “You give a wonderful massage. My skin just feels alive and invigorated. I never knew my asshole could feel so good.”

Joel worked in more lube and another finger. He twisted his fingers around, pushed to one side then another making her asshole move all around.

“Have you ever had your asshole move this way?” he asked.

“No, it feels good. How did you know I would like it?”

Without another word Joel applied some lube to his hard cock as well and rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack feeling the heat from her ass cheeks, and then put his knob right on her anal button.

He pushed on it, moving his knob around on it, just teasing. He started a very small pumping motion and watched as her asshole flexed and clinched as he pushed it around some. He told her, “Relax.”

She relaxed her asshole and he started to slide the tip of his cockhead in. “This is just the tip of my cock, how does it feel?”

“Ohh that feels good.”

“See if you can feel how much of the cock head pushes in. Just relax.” He pushed the cock head in some more pushing down a little and then inward a little in very small and slow moves.” He let the lube work in.

“I feel it,” she said.

“Tell me when you feel the flange go in.” He worked it in a little further, and finally the flange squeezed in. He let it rest for a minute with just a light pressure.

Joel kept slowly pushing until his shaft started going in.

“I feel full,” she said.

Before too long he was pushing all the way in until her ass hole was stretched to take the base of his cock. He pulled out slowly as she grunted, and then pushed back in as she caught her breath and grunted.

“How does that feel?”

She said, “Amazing!”

Behind the curtain their voyeur was clinching and releasing his asshole.

Joel moved his cock in spirals, twitching it from side to side. He pounded in and out of her ass with his balls smacking on her pussy and his stomach spanking her ass.

“What are you going to dream about tonight?” Joel asked her.

“I am going to dream about how you make my asshole perform for you, doing things I never thought of. I will dream of the next time we do it.”

Joel clinched and flexed hard, his cock expanding. “Clinch your asshole tight on my cock.” When she did he exploded in orgasm shooting a gush of cum into her rectum and up into her intestine. He let his cock stay in her ass until it started to deflate. He clinching asshole squeezed the remaining cum into her ass.

Annie said, “I have to get ready for work. I have to go out of town tomorrow.”

Pretending he doesn’t know someone is listening, when she announces she is going to be out of town the next day he says, “I will come over and check the house for you, but I sure wish you would be there in my favorite yellow panties with pink lace showing off your goods.”

The next morning when Joel came over to check the mail box and the house, he let himself in the door. He set the mail and the paper down on the coffee table.

Her son, Jimmy, peeped out and said “hello.”

“Oh you are Jimmy aren’t you?”


Joel said, “You can come on out, I don’t bite.”

“You don’t?” he said, almost seriously. Sheepishly he stepped out. He was wearing Annie’s short nightie with yellow panties and pink lace. His long hair draped down over his shoulders. “Can I finish this joint?” Jimmy was smoking a strong marijuana cigarette.

“Sure, come on over here, any kid of Annie’s is ok in my book.”

When Jimmy came near, Joel reached an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. Jimmy was occupied with the joint and didn’t want to drop it. He took a large draw and blew the smoke to the side. Much as he would with Annie, Joel let his hand slide on the nightie in the back. “You are wearing some nice panties, why don’t we take this off so I can see them better?”

Without asking further he started pulling the nightie over Jimmy’s head, and Jimmy had to shift the joint from hand to hand. Joel took a picture with his cell phone of Jimmy in the panties.

“Hey those look pretty good on you.” Joel let his hand slip down the side of Jimmy’s hip and across the side band of the panties. “They show off your figure.” He wasn’t sure if Jimmy would take that as a compliment, but apparently he did. Joel let his hand drift down and around the back of the panties rubbing a little on the exposed ass cheek. Feeling toward the corner of the inner ass cheek, Joel grabbed the ass cheek and held on. He could feel the heat from Jimmy’s asshole on the knuckle of his hand. He let a finger rub below the asshole outside of the prostate gland.

As he rubbed and pressed on the perineum he said, “You know it is good for you to have the prostate massaged sometimes don’t you?”

Jimmy said, “I guess so,” as he drew in another long toke and held his breath.

Jimmy was obviously getting stoned and Joel gently guided him to the couch where he sat Jimmy down. He started massaging Jimmy’s head running his fingers through his hair, and eventually pulling his head toward his crotch. Jimmy gave no resistance.

Joel dominantly pulled Jimmy’s face up and down his cock, finally saying, “Kiss it.”

Obediently Jimmy kissed it through the clothes. He kissed all the way down between the balls and mouthed the balls without Joel having to tell him.

Jimmy was still smoking so Joel unfastened his pants and pulled his underwear down before guiding Jimmy’s mouth to his cock head. Jimmy finished up the joint and put the butt in an ashtray. There was a drop of precum on Joel’s cock head. Jimmy reached over and licked it off dropping his lips around the cock head to ensure that none escaped. Jimmy fairly worshipped the cock savoring the taste of precum the first time and licking up and down the shaft. Joel guided his head lower and Jimmy enthusiastically licked down the shaft to the ball skin, tasting and licking as if he would lick the wrinkles out, he mouthed, licked and sucked the balls, and as Joel spread his legs a little Jimmy let his tongue travel all the way down and back and reaching strenuously he licked Joel’s asshole tasting the anal ring, the opening, the brown wrinkles and the butt crack cheeks on both sides.

“That is good,” remarked Joel.

“I love it,” replied Jimmy.

Jimmy licked and suck cock and ball skin all the way back to the top and started teasing and tantalizing the cockhead.

Joel was slowly stroking Jimmy’s head, running his fingers through his hair. Suddenly his balls tightened up and his cock swelled in Jimmy’s mouth. “Seal your lips around it tight.” Joel exploded shots of cum in Jimmy’s mouth. With a mouthful of cum Jimmy looked up in pleasing gratitude. He made motions of moving the cum around in his mouth tasting in and savoring the taste. Finally in deliberate motion he swallowed the cum.

Jimmy looked up and said, “That was the best tasting of anything I ever had!”

Joel said, “Keep sucking it until it gets hard again.” Joel turned around and said with authority, “lick my ass first though.”

Jimmy licked his ass thoroughly, getting the ass crack, the cheeks, and the asshole. Joel turned around again after a few minutes and let him continue on sucking cock and balls.

Jimmy enjoyed the taste of every bit of Joel’s crotch, and loved the feel of the pubic hair on his lips tickling his nose, and the ball hairs tickling in his mouth.

Soon Joel had a raging hard on again, he had taken Viagra that morning.

He had Jimmy stand up while he slid the panties off of him, and had him lay over the end of the couch. Jimmy had seen it before so he knew the position. Joel took some pictures.

In similar fashion to Annie, Joel lubed up Jimmy with an abundance of lube, the whole idea of which just made him harder and harder. Finally Joel was pushing his knob against Jimmy. He was gentle at first, letting Jimmy’s asshole get used to being manipulated and pushed around. “Relax,” said Joel.

Jimmy relaxed and Joel’s cock started to slide in. Joel stretched the sides pushing apart the ass cheeks, and wobbling his knob somewhat as he pushed slowly letting the asshole adapt and the lube do it’s work.

Soon Joel was pumping in and out in a rhythm and his balls were smacking against Jimmy’s and his stomach was making spanking sounds. The sound of the anal lube and the spanking turned on Jimmy. As Joel started to flex, at the same time Jimmy started to ejaculate. It felt wonderful to have the warm cum shoot into his gut.

When Joel was done and pulled out, he asked, “How did you like it?”

Jimmy replied, “It was something to dream about over and over.”

Annie called later and said she would have to stay out of town another day, but she couldn’t wait to get home. Joel offered to check the house again.

The next morning Joel came back over. Jimmy let him in again. Jimmy was wearing another pair of Annie’s cotton print panties.

As soon as the good morning greetings were over, Jimmy said, “Can I ask a favor?”

Joel looked at him in surprise. “Well maybe. What is it?”

“My friend Mickey is coming over, he wants to borrow 20 dollars. I told him to wear some nice panties.” He made it sound like just anyone would do that.

About that time there was a knock on the door.

Mickey came in the door. He was a normal looking youth, hair not too long and was wearing blue jeans and a tee shirt.

After the introductions, Mickey blurted out, “I need 20 dollars. Can you help me?”

Surprised at the whole thing Joel tried to discourage him, “I can see about 10 dollars maybe. What do you need it for?”

Sounding desperate Mickey said, “I need it to pay for some dope.”

Marijuana was ok, but Joel had his doubts about getting involved with anything else. He said, “Wait a minute I have to go pee.”

Joel walked into the master bedroom bathroom and started to take a piss. Hearing a noise he turned to look and saw Mickey come in and get on his knees. Joel wasn’t really finished but started to turn to zip up but Mickey put his face right up and started licking the pee drops right off his cockhead. This created an almost instant raging, hard on for Joel. As Mickey kept sucking greedily, Joel let his pants down and Mickey pulled the underwear down past the knees. Mickey licked all the way down and between the balls and as Joel lifted again, he licked all the way to the asshole. On the way back up he sucked the balls and licked the cum vein all the way to the top getting his reward of precum.

Joel grabbed his head and started face fucking him. His cock head was starting to enter his throat. “Lick the head and make it wet,” and Joel plunged his cock into Mickey’s throat, but not too far a first, but with a few more pumps and probably some precum his cock went all the way in. Feeling the warm throat and the involuntary swallowing motions Joel climaxed and spurted several volleys of cum down his throat. He held Mickey’s head in place until his cock started to shrivel.

Remembering the technique he turned around and said, “lick my ass,” and Mickey started licking with fervor. Bending over a little he said, “lick and rim my asshole.” Mickey licked the asshole with a vengeance. Turning back around, “suck my balls,” and Mickey sucked his balls with enthusiasm knowing he might get the money.

Sure enough Joel got another hard on. He guided Mickey over to the bed and pulled his tee shirt off. Reaching around he unfastened Mickey’s jeans and pulled them down to reveal a cute pair hot fluorescent pink panties with orange and white French lace. He took a picture with his smart phone. Not able to wait, he turned Mickey around and laid him over the bed with just his panties on. Joel took a pocket knife off his belt and made a slit in the back of the panties, and took a small tube of personal lube from his pocket. He tore open the slit. With one hand he stretched the ass cheek to the side pulling the asshole open and squirted some lube into it.

Without bothering to work the lube in, Joel let his pants down. He pushed his cock through the cut open slot in the panties and pressed the knob of his cock right on the anal ring and kept pushing firmly. Surprisingly it pushed in without much resistance, and he started fucking Mickey, watching as he put it all the way in to the base of his cock stretching the ass hole open widely. His balls smacked against Mickey’s crotch and his stomach against his ass, but when Joel started spanking Mickey’s ass with his hand. Mickey was not in a position to complain.

This was Mickey’s first time deep throating and first time anal. He loved it, and was now addicted to sucking cum and taking it in the ass, not to mention the spanking.

Joel gave Mickey 20 dollars.

Joel had been thinking on playing blind fold games with Annie, but now he started to think that the blind fold might be fun using on Mickey with other friends of Jimmy.