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This is a statement that clearly gives you an idea of this website presentation and how our services works. In order for you to better understand our policy, please take few minutes to read following information.

Adult Site

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Underage Materials

We work hard to ensure none of underage materials will be posted on this website. We are confident that none of the content involves underage materials. If you have doubts on a specific page that might contain questionable underage contents, please contact us as soon as possible. We DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate CHILD ABUSE.

No One is Being Forced To Take These Pictures and Videos

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Entertainment Only

Everything on this website is for your entertainment only. Please do not harass any persons involved in the content of the website. Your illegal actions might cause you a life-time of regrets and we strongly recommend you only see these pictures as daily entertainment and don’t take them too seriously. We will not be responsible for anything happened due to your actions and behaviors.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

As we obtain materials through different resources, the copyright of these materials might be questioned. If you believe you are the owner of such website materials, please contact us in accordance of DMCA. A copy of DMCA can be downloaded here. We will remove the content once we confirm you are the rightful owner of such materials.


Your privacy is important to us. In means in no events we will share your personal details to anyone else. But when it is required by law, we might, at our sole discretion, to share the information to law enforcement agencies in any country.

In Event of a Legal Dispute

Our website is located in United States of America, therefore in event of any legal disputes, we shall resolve it with the law of the state in accordance of where CertifiedHosting.com server is located.

Notification of Changes

We will amend our Website and Service Policy anytime when we think it’s necessary. Users are advised to check it regularly to avoid misunderstanding to our services.